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Welcome to my virtual bookstore!

Among my treasures you'll find rare books, books signed by the author, discontinued and out of print books.

I am a book hound. I love to collect books of all kinds which sometimes gets me into trouble with the local library and book stores.

I also have a secret desire to befriend Mr. Goldbarth, and to have him take me under his wing as an apprentice. We will eat sandwiches and have drinks at a local pub, and he will teach me all the secrets of writing and wooing women. Within months, I will be a nationally acclaimed author, and there will be a parade down Douglas Street [Wichita Kansas] in our honor. If only I were as good at writing as I am at selling the damn things. Read more of my meanderings in my blog - KristianStrom.com

So browse my bookstore. If you don't find what you are in search of, feel free to review my affiliates or contact me personally. I'm happy to help you on your quest.


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